Why are we asking?

People who are clinically vulnerable are still at risk from Covid infection

  1. We are still experiencing endless waves, 4 or 5 every year
  2. Covid is airborne, sharing indoor air is dangerous
  3. Vulnerable people have a right to access healthcare safely
  4. Accommodating this only requires small measures, primarily being prepared to wear a FFP2 or FFP3 mask during their appointment
  5. We are asking for this very basic act on their behalf because asking is intimidating for many people

So, Covid isn’t a problem anymore for most people?

This would mean one of two things, there is not a lot of covid going around, or getting infected isn’t a risk for most people any more. Unfortunately neither of these things is true.

Is there much Covid around?

The level of covid has been continuous at 4 to 5 waves every year since 2020, the pattern has not changed, waves follow the emergence of new even more infectious variants and school term times. The peaks are not quite as high but the baseline has steadily increased. The pandemic didn’t ever “end”, politicians just decided to announce that it was over so people would go back to working and spending.

Is covid less dangerous for most people now?

The Covid pandemic really needs to be understood as two separate pandemics. The first pandemic is the one where Covid infection leads to very serious illness and death. This is the pandemic the government and media want you to focus on because the SARS-COV-2 virus has continually mutated and now causes less severe immediate issues for most people. Now that is that you have been conditioned to think that 2,000 people dying a month is ‘normal’, ‘a price worth paying so things can return to normal’ and ‘a problem for other people, not you’.

Unfortunately, the truth is that this first pandemic is the tip of the iceberg and the real danger of covid – for most people, is long term. There are currently over 400,000 published papers, the impact covid has on the body is well understood and genuine scientists are no longer debating what covid is, only how we might possibly start to treat and cure it. The public is not being told any of this.

Covid increases the risk of developing an autoimmune condition by 72%, each infection carries a 5% to 20% risk of developing Long Covid, you are 40% more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and 5 times more likely to die within 18 months, infection directly causes a large range of neurological damage and Covid causes long term immune system damage that long term will leave you unable to fight infection and disease.

You are absolutely fine at the moment not because covid doesn’t affect you, not because all the scientists are wrong. You are fine at the moment because you haven’t been infected enough times to find your personal limit and/or not enough time has passed for these effects to reach you – or you just might be incredibly lucky. The people who have died and are chronically ill are those who got impacted quickly, not the “people with underlying health conditions”.

There is nothing we can do about it so we just have to get on with our lives

This is a bigger conversation. In terms of Safe Inside we just want to convey the truth that Covid is deadly serious, people worrying about Covid are behaving completely rationally and it is reasonable that everyone should be able to access dentists, opticians, hairdressers and other services as safely as possible. Given that all we are asking for is for people to put on a mask when seeing us, open a window, hopefully run an air filter and be friendly about it – this does not seem to be an unreasonable request.