The Covid is Over Lie

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July 2024 – Independent Newspaper – UK hospitals tell visitors with Covid symptoms to stay away amid summer outbreak of new FLiRT variants

July 2024 – University College London Hospitals public message – “COVID-19 is rising in London and we’re seeing more cases in UCLH hospitals. While our hospitals remain open to visitors, please do not visit if you have any symptoms of COVID-19”

July 2024 – Royal Stoke University Hospital and County Hospital in Stafford – Since Monday, patients, visitors and staff are required to wear masks in clinical areas at the hospital after a spike in patients being admitted with Covid-19

July 2024 – Irish Times – “We’re drowning in a wave of Covid and hospitals aren’t even insisting on masks”

July 2024 – New York City – Official public message – “COVID-19 cases have been increasing in NYC. Consider wearing a mask, especially in crowded indoor settings and particularly if you are over 65 or have a medical condition that puts you at risk for severe COVID-19, or are around others who are”

July 2024 – Los Angeles Times headlines – “Covid illness is worse than ever – FLiRT variants continue to spread, bringing misery to those infected”, “It’s Covid roulette, each infection is different”

July 2024 – David Putrino, Director of Rehabilitation and Innovation for the largest health network in New York and one of the world’s leading authorities on Long Covid – “there is no such thing as a safe Covid infection”

July 2024 – Dr Ziyad Al Aly, testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health – “”The burden of disease and disability from Long COVID is on par with the burden of cancer and heart disease”

July 2024 – Danielle Beckman, neuroscientist – “I spent another day in the microscope taking photos of dozens of healthy brains infected with #SARSCov2, only to come to Twitter and see all the ‘specialists’ denying it is real”

July 2024 – also Danielle Beckman – “It is very true. I changed my career path after seeing what SARS-Cov-2 does in the brain using a microscope. I still haven’t seen any other virus doing such bad damage so fast in the brain.”

July 2024 – Stephen Griffin, Professor of Cancer Virology | Viroporins, Antivirals, Viral Oncology, Immunotherapy – writing to Maria Vankerhove of the WHO –

Maria, what is your view of countries, e.g. the UK, that pretend SARS2 is like seasonal influenza, not even vaccinating kids, and who provide ridiculously limited infection prevention control guidance even in healthcare settings?
Is it any wonder this shows no signs of slowing?

June 2024 – Puerto Rico: Covid-19 cases reach figures that have not been reported since 2020 – “The positivity rate of Covid-19 infections exceeded 40 percent in recent days and there was also an increase in new cases per day and hospitalizations.”

June 2024 – Scottish Public Health – “A surge in Covid cases across the country has prompted the nation’s health body to return to weekly updates on the spread of the virus.”

meanwhile in England – July 2024 – BBC News – covid is now just a cold, it is inevitable, we shouldn’t be worried