Show you care

There is a large hidden market for healthcare services for people who are concerned about Covid infection. We are called every day by people saying they haven’t been to the dentist for years or telling us they switched to somewhere they found on Safe Inside. You have no idea this market exists because asking for mitigations in healthcare is too intimidating for most people.

The things people contacting us are asking for are not difficult, they are not expensive and they are not unreasonable. These are all things lots of dentists are doing for their customers;

  • Be happy and welcoming if a customer asks would you please wear a FFP3 instead of a surgical mask, most customers will happily provide fresh masks. “We don’t have to anymore” might be true, but there is no downside and for the customer, huge upside. Do this for anyone present in the treatment room.
  • If you can, open a window in the surgery to circulate fresh air
  • If you have HEPA filters make sure they are running on full before the customer comes into the room
  • Tell the customer they can get the first appointment of the day or tell them when quieter times are
  • Let the customer wait outside and offer to give them a call when it is time to come in
  • If possible offer them a separate entrance so they can go straight to the treatment room
  • Have a sign somewhere telling people you are happy to be asked about masking
  • Have a similar message on your website – you already have lots of messages saying you are really understanding of anxious patients

This is what we are asking for. That is a FFP3 respirator and a CO2 monitor, out of shot in this surgery are two HEPA filters & open windows.

If you would like to understand the science behind the above mitigations people are asking for there is a quick summary here