Listen to the experts

We need your help.

The science is getting clearer and clearer with every day and every paper published.

But at the same time, the certain belief that covid is just not something to worry about anymore is growing at a faster rate, virtually every media channel available is amplifying this daily.

There is an incredible community who are doing a brilliant job communicating the science so we can all understand it, but it is mainly long form and primarily only being consumed by those of us already covid aware. Part of the problem is covid’s impacts are so huge that anyone trying to create a really high impact summary ends up with pages of text or half an hour podcast. Covid twitter is great but it’s an echo chamber.

We want to at least try something different.

We want to create a video of world renowned experts each literally saying one sentence then edit that into something designed to grab attention in a world where you get 5 seconds before people lose interest and scroll. We will overlay text to say who each person is and use some of the most startling quotes to grab attention at the start.

We really hope you will be willing to be one of the experts. We need two things –

  1. Send us a video of whatever you would like to say, this can be anything at all, it can explain something scientifically or it could just tell people why don’t they care about their children (obviously the ‘one sentence’ thing is just shorthand for short and punchy)
  2. Can you then recruit another expert and persuade them to join in. The only silver lining of the pandemic has been the way scientists and doctors all over the world have joined forces so we are hoping this can reach far and wide. The only criteria is they are a genuine scientist or doctor researching or treating covid / long covid

We will categorically go back to every single person who contributes before putting the end product live to give them the chance to view the final video and confirm they are happy to be part of it. At that point you can send us something completely different or just pull out.

Assuming somehow this works – we get that the people we are asking here are world leading experts overwhelmed doing their actual work and we are just people running advocacy initiatives – we will then share the end product with as many other advocates, charities and campaigning organisations as we can find, we will try and force medical practitioners to watch it, we will send it to politicians far and wide (you never know), we will send it to schools, we will try and flood social media with it.

None of this may make an impact – but we have to try and if we aren’t getting through, we have to try new things until we find something that works.

Thank you for reading, any questions please just reach out

Nick Jeffreys

Founder, Safe Inside UK, [email protected], twitter @SafeInside2024