About Us

Hi, my name is Nick, I am a reluctant Covid researcher having spent the last three years studying every new piece of Covid research in the hope that I come across something I can do to help my adult daughter, who has been suffering with Long Covid since January 2021. There are many people like me, we have to do this because the medical profession is completely failing those who are ill.

I decided to start the Safe Inside initiative for two reasons – firstly, it simply is not acceptable that the vast majority of people have decided (based on the misguided belief that Covid affects ‘other people’) that vulnerable people, people with a whole range of health conditions and disabilities, should remove themselves from society if that is what it takes to be able to continue eating out in restaurants and pretending Covid doesn’t exist. This is eugenics, we had all previously agreed that eugenics was a bad thing.

Secondly, like everyone in the Covid cautious and Long Covid community I am incredibly frustrated at the feeling of powerlessness. I am part of the community because of my daughter, I can still work normally and think normally so I am going to put those gifts to hopefully good use. If even a small number of people with Long Covid or other disabilities can access safe healthcare because of this then it will be worth while

We are building a small team of like minded, great people. Safe Inside is extremely rewarding, we are helping real people every day and making a difference. If you think you might like to join our team please get in touch. It doesn’t need to involve a lot of time, the more people get involved, the faster we can build the directory.

I am incredibly Covid cautious and pretty much everyone I know regards my behaviour as some sort of irrational anxiety brought on as a result of my daughter’s experience. It is not because I am vulnerable (we are all vulnerable to Covid – I mean I do not fit into your definition of vulnerable), it is not because my daughter is ill, it is not because I spend too much time on twitter reading conspiracy theories, I do everything I can to avoid getting infected because I have read hundreds of published, peer reviewed scientific research papers and I understand that Covid is catastrophic, I understand that the harm is long term and that just because I don’t feel it immediately doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Plus I am prepared to take proven science as fact, even if I don’t like what it says.

You can find my personal account on twitter @Nick_Jeffreys, also mainly Covid content but mixed with some political, humanity and climate stuff.